Aimee has been practising yoga off and on since her teenage years. After the birth of her 2 children she threw herself deeper into practice after noticing how it eased her anxiety by bringing focus and clarity as well as helping her body recover from pregnancy.

She has been teaching for 5 years.

Aimee teaches Yoga, Family partner acro and beginners Handstands. 


As someone who’s known for being upside-down, you could say I rather like handstands! Starting dance and gymnastics from a young age, movement has become a fundamental part of my personality. At university I started taking more of an interest in yoga, leading me to discover acro and dedicating time to the pursuit of handstands. My hypermobility has meant I have to take extra care to build strength and gain more body awareness. Sharing this knowledge and helping people learn new skills is a wonderful way to share the handstand magic.

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With a background in Psychology, Dance Movement Therapy and Play-based methods for child development, Benji was hooked straight away for Yoga’s benefits for both physical and mental health by reconnecting body-mind in a mindful and playful way.

Benji regularly practices Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power, Rocket and, above all, he loves to play upside down. Benji has been sharing his passion for Yoga by teaching Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Arm Balance conditioning classes in both English and Spanish. 


​I came to yoga through love of movement, passion for anatomy and interest in mental health.
​Combining a few of my favourite things - movement, biomechanics and mindfulness; yoga became a fixed part of my life, providing a relief and support for my body and mind while studying for a degree in dance.
​Being the 'creative scientist' that I am, in my classes I like to focus on creating stability and mobility whilst finding freedom of movement, through sequences infused with a personal dash of playfulness and creativity.
I love learning - especially exploring and connecting ideas from various movement methods, exercise science and somatic disciplines and weaving them into my practice and teaching.